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As I’m out riding around I see a huge variety of bikes on the road and it always makes me wonder what makes people buy the bikes they ride.

So the Question of the day is: What bike do you ride and why?

I’m lucky enough to do a wide variety of riding, I ride Off-road, On-road at the track, I ride the twisties of Hwy 181, and I cruise at the speed limit on country roads. Each of these requires a different kind of bike. As much fun as it would be to ride my dirt bike on the roads through Kings Mountain, I’m not sure the local police would appreciate it. I am very fortunate and I have a few different bikes to choose from and don’t have to do this. The fact of the matter is I simply love riding and it doesn’t really matter what kind of riding I’m doing or what type of bike I’m riding, I am just happy to be on two wheels.

The reason I ask the question is I see a lot of guys riding bikes that don’t look comfortable or safe and I wonder if these guys are riding these bikes because of the image, which is fine, or do they actually enjoy a bike with a handlebar so high no blood could possibly reach their hands.

We all ride for our own reasons, I just thought I would ask.

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