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The back story…

I’m at SoMoto bike night at Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC with Blair B. showing the BBCB550 we had recently finished. Blair and I had just arrived, he was on his CB550 and I was on the ’86 FZ600. The ride in was great, the weather was perfect and Blair’s bike looked and sounded absolutely amazing moving down the road. We need to photograph that bike in motion.

As soon as we pulled up Blair was mobbed with questions about his bike. It was cool to see Blair glowing as he went over all the details of the Motogadget M-Unit, taking the seat cowl off to show the Unit and the beautiful wiring Jesse did. I watched for a bit then went inside Grapevine Wine Shop to buy us a couple beers. By the time I had our drinks, Blair came in saying there was a guy who wanted to do a restoration on an old Kawasaki and he would introduce me.

The guys name is Tim Arnold and he had an ’81 GPZ550. After telling me about it and what he thought it might need, I suggested a restoration which might run in the neighborhood of 5K. He said he’d rather sell it. He had it listed on facebook and was tired of lowball offers asking him to deliver it for free. I suggested he donate it to Gaston Motorcycle Werks and we could do a build on it. Without hesitation he said yes. Here is the bike as we picked it up, it was pretty rough. We will have a photo gallery in the next post.

Here is a shot of the direction we are going. The seat will not have the bump.