The masculine American male is a dying breed. We have been told for far too long that violence is never the answer. We’ve been told that it’s cruel to kill our own food. We’ve been conditioned to believe that there is no place in modern society for the man who refuses to shave his chest or wear skinny jeans.

People, it’s time to open your eyes. As a man, you are a protector. As a man you are a provider. As a man you are responsible for the safety and well being of your family. How can you be a good husband if you can’t defend your wife? How can you be a good father if you can’t protect your children? Remember, the eyes of the children are fixed upon you. You are supposed to serve as an example of what young men should grow up to be and of what young women should seek out in a partner. So grow your beard, wear your boots, eat your steak, carry a knife, own a gun. Protect your woman and children. Fight for what is right and be just, be strong, and be of courage.

Live long the masculine, American male

Author – unknown