Policies and Procedures

Terms & Conditions
All prices are quoted in US dollars, Gaston Motorcycle Werks reserves the right to alter the price of any event without notice.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations 30 days or more notice: We will refund in full or issue a credit note which will be valid for 1 year less an administration fee of $15. Cancellations 12 days prior to event: We will issue a credit note which will be valid for 1 year less an administration fee of $15. Cancellations with less than 12 days to the event: No refund is available.

Change of Name
There is no option to transfer the GMW Track Day Riding Experience from one rider to another rider.

Alcohol and banned substances such as drugs
There is a complete ban on the use alcohol and any banned substances. Any infringement of these rules will result in riders being requested to leave the circuit and they will not be allowed the use of the circuit. In such circumstances there will be no refund or any credit given.

Sign In
A representative of GMW will assist you at sign in on the morning of the track day event. It will be necessary to complete all required forms the track day event promoter requests. GMW’s representative will also assist you in taking your motorcycle through the tech inspection process. Emergency contact details must be provided to GMW and the track day event promoter.

Compulsory Rider Briefing
All riders must attend the compulsory briefing given by the Track Day Event Promoter staff at the beginning of the day. A further briefing for the Novice group will usually follow, to provide Novice track riders with further details and the opportunity for them to ask questions. Attendance of the briefing is mandatory and a GMW representative will attend the meeting with you.

Rules on circuit
Riders are requested to ride safely and with respect to other track users. The onus to overtake safely is on the rider behind doing the overtaking. Riders who are seen to be riding disrespectfully and/or dangerously will be warned once. A second incident will result in the rider being removed from the circuit with no recourse to a refund or credit. Riders who are disrespectful and/or dangerous will not be permitted to participate in any other GMW Track Day Riding Experience. GMW does not operate as a “race school”.

GMW Representative
A GMW Track Day Riding Experience representative will ride with you and be with you for the entire day of your track day and will be available for advice and instruction. They will help you with bike set up and lead or follow you on track. The representative will be happy to brief you prior to your session to find out what elements of track riding you want to focus on. They will also provide you with a debrief following your session on circuit with them.

Force Majeure
“Force Majeure” refers to any event, including, but not limited to, wars or natural disasters, that is unforeseeable, the occurrence and effect of which is unavoidable and insurmountable. Gaston Motorcycle Werks will not be liable if an event is delayed, cancelled wholly or in part; due to circumstances outside reasonable control. This includes Acts of God (including adverse weather conditions), accidents, war, fire etc. Gaston Motorcycle Werks reserves the right to cancel, suspend or delay the event in these circumstances and to be exempted from all or some of its responsibilities hereunder.
Gaston Motorcycle Werks may suspend the performance of its obligations under this Agreement until any disruption resulting from the Force Majeure has been resolved. However, Gaston Motorcycle Werks shall make every effort to eliminate any obstacles resulting from the Force Majeure, thereby minimizing to the greatest extent possible its adverse effects, as well as any resulting losses.