Welcome to GMW on 2 Wheels. We eat meat, drink beer and spiced rum, use a ton of foul language, and we are not at all politically correct. We love motorcycles, fast cars and beautiful women, and have no time for dick waggers. We spend our days working on shit dreams are made of and on the weekends we do shit that would give your mommy fits. We believe in cultivating the man we should all strive to be, leaving the whiners behind with their soft hands and ample supply of vagina cream. If you think you have what it takes, come on in, join us for some fun and live life to the fullest with us.

A Choice Photo and Words of Wisdom

A fine example of a solid drink, spiced rum served ice cold and neat. Grow a set and leave out the coke. Your lady will appreciate it.

About the GMW shop

We are a boutique motorcycle shop in Gastonia, NC. and we work on some if the most amazing motorcycles ever built. Jesse and I consider ourselves to be two of the luckiest guys on the planet. If you are are in town and have some time, stop in and say hello, we’d love to meet you. And if you dig what we are doing click over to the GMW store and pick up some GMW swag.

GMW Models

GMW shop girls attend events with us to hand out flyers and add some spice. They also can be found being photographed with our favorite project bikes. Click on the images below to see each model’s gallery.

Do you want to be a GMW model? Click here to be one of our models.

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In the Shop Today

AT GMW we build custom bikes and do general service in-between the builds. Periodically or builds come in for service and recently we have been visited by several of our past builds. While some of these bikes were in the shop Benjamin jumped on the opportunity and grabbed some nice portrait shots in front of …